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We stimulate Tanzanians in using the principle of Agro-forestry; a combination of trees, shrubs and herbal crops.

Indigenous plants

Elderly people know them from the past: it is of utmost importance that these plants become part of the cultivation system.


Water Harvesting means that rainwater is kept and stored by small interventions in the landscape.

Direct seeding

In arid and semi-arid areas, plants grow better when sown directly into the soil.

Moringa tree

All parts of the Moringa tree can be used, either by using the seeds to clear dirty water into drinking quality, as well as the leaves as food, for humans as well as for animals.


The prevention of the cutting of trees and shrubs can be achieved when menure and stool are diverted into biogas, The remaining slurry is a welcome fertilizer to the garden.

Research & Education

 Stipulae aims to contribute to food security in a sustainable way in developing countries, especially in Tanzania.

About us

The Stipulae Foundation supports villages, schools, farmers and other organizations in a green growth on the basis of the local possibilities of individuals and environment.


We collaborate with three secundary schools in Notth-east Tanzania: Nyumba ya Mungu Sec. School in Simanjiro District​, Nyerere Sec. School, Lembeni in Mwanga District and Moipo Sec. School in Ruvu Muungano, Same District​.


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Chairman: Hans van Luijk

Secretary & treasurer: Jan van der Meulen