Stipulae literally means: leaves that support a new branch to grow, and do so until the branch is strong enough.
That concept inspires us, as we offer projects intensive support while starting up and let go when the project can sustain and develop itself further.

By exchanging knowledge and supporting and kickstarting projects, we want to contribute to sustainable food security and the reduction of youth unemployment in Tanzania. We thereby take the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, that have been adopted by all UN members in 2015, as a baseline for our mission.

Through our projects we mainly work towards contributing to the global realization of: “no poverty”, “zero hunger”, “clean water and sanitation”, “decent work and economic growth”, “responsible consumption and production” and “climate action”.




We invest in youth and education to provide support in rebuilding Tanzanias future.


We support Tanzanians in using Agroforestry.

Local plants

Older people will know their uses. It is of vital importance these plants are used in local food production.


The use of methods aimed to improve self confidence and improving the youth’s self image.


Water havesting is retaining rainwater by implementing small changes in the landscape.


All parts of the Moringa can be used; such as seeds for filtering unsafe water and the leaves have nutritional value.


Seeing and making use of opportunities; creating value for the environment and entrepreneur.

Direct seeding

Plants will grow better in arid (dry) and semi-arid environments when planted directly in the ground.


Using manure for the production of biogas helps in the use of responsible use of the environment, such as reduction in the use of firewood, leading to less deforestment.


Through the page donating you can read about giving a contribution. If you would like to we could place a link to your organisation or company if requested. We are ANBI registered.

Stipulae is a foundation without a profit objective. Boardmembers and other volunteers from the Netherlands work without receiving financial compensation.

The Stipulae foundation is marked by the tax authorities as ANBI. This results in tax deductible donations.

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