Youth Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Program

Youth Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Program

Countless young people in Africa are unemployed, facing difficulties earning their own and their family’s livelihoods. Youth unemployment is therefore one of the biggest difficulties in Africa and thereby a great waste of talent. In order to contribute to the reduction of this problem, we help motivated young persons in Tanzania with starting their own businesses. We do this by using a durable method that has been proven successful elsewhere as we focus on empowerment, knowledge transfer and coaching.

In November 2017 we were in Same, Northern Tanzania, talking to locals, local organizations and local government to explore whether there was any interest in this. Gladly, both individual entrepreneurs as well as organizations were excited right away and willing to cooperate. Additionally, the local government proposed to save a budget to offer a microcredit to the participants who will start their own business.
Just like that, we were able to officially start our project: Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Program Same, or in short YEP Same.

Fundamentals of YEP Same

  • We invest in young people: through education, training and coaching, we strive to give them strength and knowledge to start their own business.
  • Through training they learn to acknowledge their wishes, ambitions and capacities.
  • Through weekly coaching they are supported and assisted to execute their plans and to formulate essential next steps.
  • A durable approach. Out of the first four groups, a number of participants will be selected to be trained to become trainers themselves. The eventual goal is to have them running a learning center that will solely be guided from a distance.

The program’s set-up

The program consists of 4 parts in at least 6 months:

  1. The program starts with one week of empowerment training. Here, the participants are encouraged to discover and formulate their driving forces and aspirations. At the same time, they are helped with formulating their plans for the upcoming year and the first steps towards their own business.
  2. Throughout the whole program, weekly coaching takes place during which the participants are guided by their peers and the Tanzanian coaches. Often, they get assignments (e.g. market research) or personal action plans.
  3. Two weeks of basic entrepreneurship skills training. These weeks take place apart from each other, leaving about five-seven weeks in between for assignments and coaching. The topics that are handled consider book keeping, marketing, sales and promotion. These weeks are issued by amongst others Tanzanian trainers that work for YEP Tanzania.
  4. Guidance with the application for government micro credit.

Coaching and entrepreneurship

In the following weeks the first 20 participants are occupied with applying their new knowledge on the strategy that they are making for starting their businesses. Stay up to date with our progress by reading our newsletter!

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A durable approach

After the six months program a second group will start as the first group will continue coaching. The frequency of the latter is determined on the basis of individual needs. The participants of the first group can thereby also act up as coaches for the second group.

The empowerment training weeks are tentatively executed by Dutch volunteers. After the second group of participants they will train local trainers so that eventually the program can be run by locals solely.

What is needed to persist Stipulaes YEP Same in 2019?

The volunteer trainers are willing to contribute in 2019 as they will also start with training local trainers. Our partners in Same will also be available for the recruiting and selection of new participants as well as for coaching. Besides, we are supported by professionals in the Netherlands who help to improve the training modules. Consequently, we are working hard on approaching funds to enable the execution of the program for at least the upcoming two years. But your contribution is also very welcome.
You can support us in two ways: either by financially contributing, or by participating!

You can contribute financially by a once-only donation here.

Participating is possible by for example accompanying us to Tanzania to share your expertise (e.g. with workshops, coaching). Please get in touch if you are interested by mailing to

Powerful start

We kicked off the training session with the Tanzanian-Dutch team by expressing our goals in the group. And five days later we look back on a great start!

The participants have a different look in their eyes; goal oriented for the coming year after defining the steps needed to achieve the goals mentioned at the kick off.

In short; the week of 15-19 October was a great start for the 20 members of the Youth Empowerement and Entrepreneurship Project in Same.

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volunteers working on their talent book (part of basic training)

role models talking about their company

writing an entrepreneur plan

visiting an entrepreneur