About us

Exchanging knowledge and providing project support

The goal of Stipulae is exchanging knowledge and providing project support in terms of sustainable food security and a reduction of youth unemployment in Tanzania.

Our mission

Stipulae’s missions

  • Supporting villages, schools, farmers and organisations in Tanzania with food production without damaging the local environment.
  • Through training and coaching we stimulate unemployed youth to start businesses, providing an income and a sustainable future.

Our vision

Many young Africans struggle with their future and unemployment is high. Millions of youth have no clear vision on how to provide for themselves or family. A waste of talent and a social problem. Lack of perspective leads to substance abuse and depression. This is why reducing unemployment is one of Africa’s greatest challenges.
We like to help solve these problems. Not by donating but through education and training.
Young people can be assigned a coach helping them executing their business plans. This will not only lead to providing their own income but also to achieve change in their country.


We operate in the north of Tanzania, especially in the Same District.