About the organisation


Several projects have received our support since 2007. Mainly from the workgroup Trees for Tummy; now known as Stipulae.

Stipulae is registered in Gieten, Chamber of Commerce: 55854165

We are a non-profit organisation and our board consists entirely of volunteers.

Dutch volunteers

Beside the boardmembers are other volunteers who contribute to projects such as fundraising and using their professional skills in Tanzania.

The YEP (Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship) team consists of: Anne Heleen Bijl, Gerard Vonk (Empowerment and Creativity training), Esin Erdogan (International Development) and Maria Jongsma (Program Management).

team Yep- Mpanzi (sowers)

Collaborative partners in Tanzania

Projects in Tanzania are locally coordinated by director Dr. Norbert Mchomvu from Mater Dei Africa operating from the Same District in the north of Tanzania. Because of our close relation with this partner we have access to the local government and other NGO’s resulting in a effective partnership. You can read more about this relation on the page partners.

During the empowerment week for youth are Norbert Youze and Leonie Andrew active as translators and continue to contribute in the weeks after the project in terms of coaching and monitoring.

Norbert Mchomvu

Parrots (translators)

Charles Anatoly