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We intensively work together with this Tanzanian NGO regarding the management of the environment and reaching the youth. Their head quarters are located in Same, Kilimanjaro District.



YEP Tanzania trainers also teach students in Same about entrepreneurship and marketing. Their head quarters are located in Arusha.


Same District Council

The district council in Same stimulates the employment opportunities for Tanzanian youth by providing micro credits. YEP Same supports youth with their preparations while applying for this micro credit.



Vyvoj’s passion is talent development for children and adults. This Dutch company works towards the improvement of personal development for all ages and the professionalization of organizations and their staff.


University of Dar Es Salaam

Professor Pius Yanda works as the director of the Center for Climate Change Studies of the University of Dar Es Salaam and is Vice-Chairman of one of the working groups within the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC). He has conducted a tailor-made workshop for our target audience in Tanzania as a donation to our organization.

Nyumba ya Mungu


This fast-growing school is located in the Simanjiro district and holds for students with exceptional grades. Located next to the Pangani river, this school is always provided with water. This is a supporting element for planting a school garden and its maintenance. Additionally, the implementation of the usage of biogas is also thereby also enabled.

Nyerere Sec. School


In 2017 this school held for 40 teachers, 328 boys, of which 168 internal; and 325 girls of which 140 internal.

Both staff and teachers work very hard to benefit from their gardens.

Moipo Sec. School


This school is located on a Maasai plain at the west of Same town, and it is growing rapidly.

In 2017, 30 teachers were responsible for 174 boys and 172 girls. Out of these, 155 students were lodged as well. 75% of the students is Maasai.

Due to the scarcity of rainfall, it is a very big challenge for the school to grow vegetables in the school’s surroundings.